Green Coffee VS Raspberry Ketone

It’s becoming a well-established fact that when Dr. Oz features something on his show, interest in it dramatically increases. Raspberry ketone was no exception. Once he talked about it on the show, people everywhere were searching for more information and the best places to buy it from. But more recently, it’s the green coffee bean extract that’s been getting most of the attention. Of course, this is after Dr. Oz and naturopathic Dr. Lindsey Duncan talked about it on the show. But why do so many people compare these 2 natural diet products?

The Debate Between Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Extract

Research that’s been done to test green coffee bean supplements is small compared to the larger studies on Raspberry Ketones. But the results of participants in Dr Oz Live show proved excellent and are very convincing. Interest in  coffee bean extract continues to grow and there are larger studies being planned for the near future.

Dramatic, Easy Weight Loss with both Green Coffee and Raspberry ketones

In studies of both products, participants lost more weight than those taking placebo, and they did so without

  • following any certain diet or trying to eat healthier
  • exercising anymore than they regularly would (or at all in some cases)

Green Coffee Bean Extract and Raspberry Ketones are BOTH natural fat burners with no major side effects

Although they target different pathways in the body, they both have similar effects of increasing the body’s ability to burn fat.

Which one is best for you really just depends on which your body happens to respond to better – everybody is different.

Both are safe and natural and do help people achieve their weight loss goals.

If you’ve tried both, we’d love to hear from you about how they worked or didn’t work for you.

You can learn more about Raspberry Ketones here.

Benefits to Green Coffee Bean Extract

  • The amount of sugars (glucose) accepted into your bloodstream is greatly limited
  • You start burning off fat that has already accumulated from the past
  • You get a quick boost to metabolism

If you look at the studies done on green coffee extract, you can see that it obviously boosts your metabolism if you take it regularly. In a longer study (22 weeks), participants were able to lose an average of 17 pounds simply by taking the extract. In fact, there was a time period during the study where they were given a placebo and guess what? They didn’t lose any weight. But when they were given the actual extract, they started dropping pounds and losing inches. Losing 16 percent of your body fat by doing nothing more than taking a capsule is pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say?


Surprising Weight Loss

What impressed us the most is that participants in these studies had to put in literally no effort. Ever seen a diet supplement (that actually works) where the disclaimer isn’t “With regular exercise and a balanced diet”? Now you have! Participants continued to eat as they previously did. They didn’t start working out or working out more. In fact, they were eating way more calories than they could burn each day… and still lost weight. They simply went on exactly as they had been living their lives with one exception: they started taking green coffee extract capsules daily.


Is Caffeine the Secret Here?

Yes, we thought it might have something to do with it too. Come to find out though, green coffee extract has hardly any caffeine in it (even likely less than your favorite Starbucks cup of coffee). According to Dr. Joe Vinson, it has nothing to do with the caffeine. So what is it that makes you lose weight so easily?


Chlorogenic Acid: The Undiscovered Natural Fat Burner

Experts like Dr. Oz and Joe Vinson believe that the key ingredient in green coffee bean extract is chlorogenic acid. This is something you naturally find in green coffee beans. Green coffee beans are beans that are still in their natural state and haven’t been put through the roasting process. When green coffee beans are roasted, they aren’t green anymore… they’re just coffee beans. The chlorogenic acid is lost because of the extreme temperateness the beans are exposed to during roasting.



Be Careful Who You Buy From!

As always, there are people out there just trying to swindle good people out of their hard-earned money. Keep this tips in mind as you shop.

Reading reviews: Read reviews of the green coffee extract or raspberry ketone you plan on buying. If every single one is over the top, crazy-good then they may be fake.

Over the top reviews are likely not true

If it’s a good product, there may all be positive reviews. But what we’re talking about is “I lost 73 pounds in three weeks!” Yeah, right. Ok.

Know what you’re buying: Any reputable company or supplier will not hide things from you. If you’re buying online, do they clearly show you the label and ingredients? Do they mention anything about possible side effects or is it all rosy kisses? Do they provide you with real information and history so you can make an informed decision?

Look for GCA or Svetol: As Dr. Oz recommends, always make sure that if you’re buying green coffee supplements, that they contain 45% chlorogenic acid and clearly states Svetol or GCA on the label.


Our Recommendations

If something seems priced way too low compared to similar products, then beware. The production of high quality supplements costs money and green coffee supplements are no different. If the price seems too good to be true, there’s a good chance you aren’t going to get results with it because it has filler ingredients or  hasn’t been produced with quality.


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